Ever since the beginning, the stories of the Souls series have always been intentionally vague. Most in-game cinematic are saved for introducing bosses, and many players will miss the vast majority of the lore on their first playthrough...but the series' hands-off approach to story is one of the most intriguing things about it. Players have to piece everything together themselves, plain and simple.

At this point, fans know appropriately little about Dark Souls III's story. From Software has revealed a few lingering narrative threads, and there are some truly convincing fan theories regarding the state of the world floating around - but that's about it. Aside from the fact that fans will play as something called 'the Unkindled', the story of Dark Souls III is still a secret.

That's what makes the game's recently-revealed opening cinematic so intriguing: like much of the series' story, it's meant to be incredibly vague...and yet, for dedicated Souls fans, the trailer contains more than enough lore to sink one's teeth into.

For most, the trailer will be about as nebulous as you can get - and, in all honesty, that's the point. It just wouldn't be a Souls game if players were told everything about the story right from the start - the games have always been about piecing things together little-by-little. Following the disappointingly straight-forward approach of Dark Souls II, From Software's latest seems to be something of a return to form.

While newcomers may be completely lost while watching the trailer, longtime fans of the franchise will have plenty to pick through. Mentions of the Abyss and Undead armies seem to hint at a direct follow-up to the original Dark Souls...though a giant, flaming Giant king likely means that Dark Souls II will have some sort of influence on the story. With any luck, Dark Souls III will be a perfect blend of both stories.

Thankfully, the long wait for more Souls is almost over: Dark Souls III is set to launch on April 12.

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