Are you prepared to face the horrors of RPGing?

With the digital release of "Dark Dungeons," the world will be able to see in the flesh the very real threat that tabletop role-playing games present for the world. The creators of the film have released the first eight minutes on YouTube.

Based on the 1984 Christian tract featuring comic strip art by Jack T. Chick, the film is about two girls who go away to college, get mixed up with a group of role-players and face the terrible consequences of playing such demonic games.

Like any good film, the preview starts with a meeting of a cabal of Satan worshipers. We then meet our two heroines Debbie and Marcie as they prepare for college. The preview shows the girls' real concern for being lead astray, their search for an extracurricular activity they can be part of and then their attendance at an underground dance rave that quickly devolves into drinking alcohol and playing RPGs.

The film was made after Rallsfilm and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment successfully raised $25,000 on Kickstarter in May 2013. It stars Alyssa Kay as Debbie and Anastasia Higham as Marcie, with Tracy Hyland as Mistress Frost who leads the groups of role-players. It is directed by L. Gabriel Gonda and written by JR Ralls.

You can buy digital version of the 39-minute film online for $5 at the official site.

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