Hardcore fans will be delighted to know that the revamped version of Final Fantasy IX, which Square Enix initially unveiled on the original Sony PlayStation in 2000, has made an unexpected launch for Android and iOS, bringing with it a slew of new gameplay features for mobile.

The original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy IX is a highly-acclaimed title which solid fans of the series deem as the best Final Fantasy game ever.

Players of the iOS and Android versions of the game should expect that these are greatly influenced by the first Final Fantasy game. They still play the role of the game's main protagonist, thief Zidane, in his battle against Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who is mainly responsible for initiating a war between powerful factions. In the game, Zidane kidnaps Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria.

The game's enhanced version comes with a bevy of improvements, which range from new achievements, higher-resolution graphics and an auto-save system.

Gameplay Features

Specifically, here are the new gameplay features that you will expect in the mobile versions of Final Fantasy 

Abilities – Your character will obtain new abilities by equipping items. However, when fully mastered, the character can use the abilities even without equipping items.

Trance – Characters will enter Trance mode, enabling them to gain additional powerful skills.

Synthesis – You can put two items together. This can then make the items more powerful.

Minigames – with the mobile versions of the game, you are treated to many different minigames. For example, you can play Jump Rope, Chocobo Hot and Cold or Tetra Master. On top of that, you may also get exclusive item rewards.

Final Fantasy IX works with the iPhone 5s or later, iPad mini 2 or later, fourth-generation iPad 4th or later, and the sixth-generation iPod touch running at least on iOS 7. 

You need more than 8 GB of free space on your iDevice to install the game. Square Enix encourages those who would like to have the game installed on their phones to make sure that sufficient spare memory is available before initiating the game's download.

For Android users, your device should have 4 GB of free space on your Android 4.1+ phone or tablet.

It is likewise worth noting that Square Enix is letting gamers download Final Fantasy IX at a discounted price. The game is now labeled with a $16.99 price tag, which has 20 percent off the original price. This special sale price is effective beginning Feb. 10 through Feb. 21 this year. In any case, the mobile versions are nearly two times as pricey as Final Fantasy IX on the PlayStation Store.

Head on over to this link to download it on your iOS device. For the Android version, check it out here.

Should you wish to get a glimpse of the Final Fantasy IX, here is the trailer.

Square Enix also re-released Final Fantasy VII for iOS last summer. Rumor has it that Final Fantasy VIII may also make an appearance on iOS and Android, soon.

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