Final Fantasy XV has been a long time coming, and 2016 will finally be the year players can get their hands on the latest entry in the long-running RPG franchise.

So far, it looks to be far different from any Final Fantasy before it. With its almost exclusively male cast of characters, an open world, crazy road trip and its action heavy combat, the game looks spectacular and unique.

Add "stealth" to that list of new gameplay elements for a Final Fantasy game coming in Final Fantasy XV. Square-Enix has released a new three minute video of an assault on an enemy compound, and it looks more like Metal Gear Solid than what fans would typically associate with Final Fantasy. The protagonist, Noctis, begins the video by hiding behind boxes and crates, using his teleport ability to navigate around the environment. He takes out a few unsuspecting guards in a single blow thanks to his sword's warp ability, but he doesn't remain undetected for long.

A spotlight shines down on Noctis as an army of guards and mechs descend on him. Then it becomes an all out brawl, as swords clash and gunfire fills the compound. At one point the Noctis leaps into a machine gun turret to mow down enemies before battling it out with a giant robot.

It's heavy on action, but that's perhaps what is so exciting about Final Fantasy XV. It is like no Final Fantasy before it, and that may just be what the franchise needs after having fallen from grace in recent years. The game doesn't have a definitive release date yet, but expect Square-Enix to announce it at their Final Fantasy XV event on March 30.

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