The upcoming Grammy Awards will feature a newly conceptualized trophy which features a camera that is embedded on the base.

Dubbed Grammycam, the camera is built on the idea of capturing onstage action based on a whole new perspective and sharing the captured moments through live streaming.

Winners at this year's awards event will receive the Grammycam trophy that has a built-in GoPro action camera on its base.

According to Evan Greene, CMO of the Recording Academy, this year's Grammys, which carries the tagline "Witness Greatness," aims to create a dramatic new way for making viewers feel like they are not simply part of the audience but rather they are also part of the whole action that is happening on stage.  

Greene hopes that the viewers, with the help of the Grammycam, will be able to witness emotional winning moments, the never-before-seen images, behind-the-scenes footage and perhaps even random bloopers and awkward gestures.

To catch all of these moments, the video from the Grammycam will be streamed through Grammy Live which will begin at least 5 hours prior to the evening broadcast and continue until the point when the last trophy is awarded. The live streaming will also cover the Grammy Premiere Ceremony, including the photo-flashing red carpet moments and scenes from the backstage.

The producers of the show's evening broadcast, according to Fast Company, will also be given the option to use the clips from the Grammys and incorporate them into its airing on CBS, which can also be watched via the All Access app of CBS.

Embedding the trophy with a camera may sound a bit ambitious and way too much to handle, particularly in an event that happens only once a year. However, it turns out that unlike other award-giving bodies such as the Oscars Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Grammy Awards present their winners with "stage" or stand-in trophies and not the actual ones. The recipients reportedly get their Grammy trophy delivered later to them along with a customized engraving on the trophy, but without the Grammycam.

The Grammycam runs on battery and is expected to deliver up to 3 hours of battery life on a charge. Each of the trophies will come equipped with a disassembled GoPro camera with modified components. The feed will be beamed through RF to a broadcast truck, which will handle all of the camera's angles as well as the live streaming.

This year's Grammy Awards event is scheduled to occur on Feb. 15, so it's just around the corner.

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