Earlier this month, it was announced that Dragon Ball Super would be premiering July 5 on Fuji TV in Japan. Now we finally have a little taste of what this new Dragon Ball anime TV series will look like.

The first trailer for Dragon Ball Super was recently released on Japanese television. The 14-second clip is short, but it sure is sweet for fans that have waited 18 years for a new Dragon Ball anime TV series from creator Akira Toriyama.

We don't get to see too much in the spot, which was posted and translated on YouTube by user Dragon Ball Z HD. However, we do get to catch up with main protagonist Goku in all his spiky black hair glory. Familiar faces like Piccolo, Mr. Satan and Beerus also appear in the teaser.

Dragon Ball Super will pick up where Dragon Ball Z left off, after Goku defeats Majin Buu. The teaser trailer promises new battles, according to Dragon Ball Z HD's English translation.

It's unclear when Dragon Ball Super will make its way to North America and the rest of the world. However, there's plenty more new Dragon Ball content where that came from. A companion manga to the new series will be released on June 20, featuring a new look for Goku. The movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F was released in Japan in April, and it is scheduled to hit the U.S. with an English dub this summer.

Watch the full first trailer for Dragon Ball Super below.

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