Apple Extends iPhone Screen Protector Program To US And Other Markets


Apple is giving its customers free screen protector application services for their iPhone devices.

Dubbed the Belkin ScreenCare+ Application system, the program makes it easy for customers to have their iPhones extra protected with the innovatively designed screen protectors from Belkin. Apple's new in-store screen protector program means that Apple employees will apply the protector so customers don't have to do it themselves.

"Not only are iPhones financially valuable, they are priceless in keeping us connected to family, work and the world around us," says Belkin. "Protecting the screen from damage offers a level of protection that an exterior case cannot, and helps to keep the iPhone fully operational and looking like new."

While the Belkin ScreenCare+ Application System rolled out last week in several stores across the world, it was only now that Apple has made it officially available in its physical stores and it now covers the U.S. as well.

The main benefit offered by the system is the way customers can enjoy assisted application from well-trained Apple Store employees. The system ensures that customers who are getting the service, instead of doing things by themselves, will have their screen-protected iPhones totally free from bubbles or any imperfections when the protective cover film is put into place.

The service begins with Apple employees removing any surface dust on the iPhone with the use of a cloth. Once cleaned, the protector is then applied with a mechanical system.

Another benefit of the system is that it guarantees customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, the customer believes that the application is not done correctly and feels unsatisfied with the result, the process will be repeated and a new cover will be used – totally free from extra charges.

The screen protectors from Belkin are made of premium materials known as "InvisiGlass" and "Anti-Glare."

InvisiGlass uses the so-called FluidFlex technology that gives the iPhone display a unique level of elasticity. This feature will allow the iPhone to become more durable and unbreakable while retaining the display's smooth and gliding feel.

Anti-Glare is made of a robust, PET material that functions like the Innerexile self-repairing screen protector – to withstand scratches. It is also meant to enhance visibility, which can come in handy when reading text under the bright rays of the sun and under an artificial lighting system.

The Belkin ScreenCare+ Application System is now available at the Apple Store for free with the purchase of a Belkin screen protector that costs around $35. Currently, the screen protectors are compatible with the latest iPhone models. These include the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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