This Machine Turns Twitter Posts Into Cocktails


Have you ever wondered what your online data might taste like? No? Well, you can find out anyway, with Clément Gault and Koi Koi Design having created what they're calling a Data Cocktail, or a machine that creates distilled drinks based on Twitter updates.

The machine is based on the Arduino prototyping platform, and grew out of a workshop about representations of data. In its current version it uses information from the five latest tweets on a profile.

So what exactly does it do? Well, it looks at keywords in the tweets and links those keywords to certain ingredients, filling the glass with those appropriate ingredients. The device can even print out the recipe of your tweets, which is more of a list of the keywords used.

It doesn't seem like there are any plans to allow users to buy a Data Cocktail or even allow users to make one of their own, but the idea could stick around. The creators of the machine have said that it's easy to change the keywords and the ingredients, even changing the ingredients to suit events, so you could one day see a robotic bartender creating drinks based on other sets of data.

Check out the machine in action in the video below.

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