AMC has given its viewers a Valentine's Day gift in the most morbid way possible: by releasing a glimpse at the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead before it airs this Sunday.

When the show went on hiatus back in November, things weren't looking good. The town of Alexandria had been overrun with walkers, and it seemed as if the survivors were doomed — and then, out of nowhere, a post-credits sequence revealed that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha had been ambushed by a motorcycle gang known as the Saviors. While the scene didn't last for very long, the leader of the group mentioned someone named "Negan" — and that our heroes' possessions now belonged to him.

Thanks to AMC's latest teaser, fans can finally see exactly how the conversation between Daryl's group and the Saviors ends. In typical Walking Dead fashion, it doesn't take long for things to start breaking down — and by the end of the scene, it's starting to look like Daryl's group may have been better off in Alexandria.

When it comes to actually revealing new plot points, the trailer doesn't do much. It's to be expected — AMC doesn't want to spoil its midseason premiere early — but anyone who's ever seen a standoff throughout the show's six seasons can easily predict where the teaser is going.

If anything, the trailer proves that The Walking Dead's midseason premiere will be starting off on a quieter note. As previously mentioned, things weren't going well back in Alexandria (especially for Rick and his group). Long story short, if you thought AMC was going to reveal exactly what happened in Alexandria right off the bat, you're out of luck.

Thankfully, fans won't have to wait long before they find out what happens next: The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 14.

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