Minecraft fans using the Windows 10 Edition Beta and Minecraft Pocket Edition might be delighted to know that a new update, dubbed the Overworld Update, is pegged to arrive later this February. This brings with it a slew of nifty additions.

Microsoft has pushed out a blogpost saying that the update will incorporate a number of new components to help gamers create more mechanical devices, dye armors, steal potions from witches and more.

The company says it is excited to let gamers know that it will be adding more of the gameplay components they have long been awaiting to these editions with the Overworld Update "coming by the end of the month."

What To Expect

Specifically, here are what gamers should expect from the upcoming update which is slated to arrive before the month ends.

1. More advanced mechanical contraptions – more redstone components are going to be added, ranging from trapped chests, hoppers, comparators, repeaters, dispensers, droppers plus different minecart types.

2. Witch huts with interesting new features – witch huts now have cauldrons which are filled with potion

3. Cauldrons – these can now be used in dyeing the gamer's armor with a plethora of colors

4. Item Frames – gamers can now display their loots by means of the frames. They can even place the maps on the wall to plan their ventures.

5. Other new components include red sandstone, slime blocks, enhanced chicken jockey mobs and wearable pumpkins

6. Ability to import and export maps – gamers are now able to share their much-loved world with their pals

7. Eight new achievements – gamers are now able to rack up 170 more gamescore, as the update will add new achievements, including:

Tie Dye Outfit – dye four pieces of leather armor

Camouflage – kill a mob while wearing a similar type of mob head

Map Room – place nine fully explored maps into nine item frames inside a 3 by 3 square

Dispense With This – create a dispenser

Smelt Everything! – link three chests into a single Furnace with the use of three hoppers

Trampoline Bounce – 30 blocks upward off f a slime block

Taste Of Your Own Medicine – poison a witch by using a splash potion

Freight Station – transfer an item from a Chest Minecraft into a Chest by using a Hopper

Last year, Minecraft developer Jeb Bergensten said that the major update would be pushed to 2016 to ensure the studio had a longer period to deal with a number of bugs.

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