When you gotta go, you gotta go. Have you ever realized that when you use the bathroom at work, you are actually getting paid to do so?

Since you probably bring your phone in with you to keep yourself entertained while taking care of business, you might as well start tracking just how much you are earning during these bathroom breaks.

Stephen Looney released a new app for iOS that figures out the amount of money your job is flushing down the toilet while you were sitting on it.

Toilet humor aside, Log-Log is actually quite beneficial for those trying to figure out how much the breaks they take while still on the clock influences their paychecks. This can also be applied to when you take that personal call or head over to the head to simply wash your hands or fix your hair.

Once the user downloads the app, they will be asked to fill in their "deets," details that include name, company and pay. Users can select to enter in their hourly or annual pay and let the algorithm take care of the rest.

Tap on the appropriate icon to start the time, and the clock will start running. Users can also close the app and Log-Log will automatically conclude once you have "unleashed your potential."

However, Looney warns that leaving the GPS running in the background can decrease the iPhone's battery life, so make sure you come prepared and bring your charger to work.

When the session ends, the app will let the user know how long they logged in for and the gross earnings for that bathroom break. While there are already some apps currently in the App Store that have a similar premise, Log-Log orders sophisticated graphs and statistics to further present and let users analyze the data. This includes the average amount of time you spend in the bathroom and the average money made, as well as charts for daily and cumulative earnings.

There is even a trophy tab, where users can unlock various badges to celebrate the "spoils of hard work."

Log-Log is available to download for free in the App Store, and requires iOS 8.1 or later.

Source: Reddit

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