When the Arca Space Corp. introduced its ArcaBoard hoverboard in December, it carried a hefty price tag of $19,900.

Just two months later, though, and the company has dropped that price by $5,000, as explained by a press release earlier this week.

"The company has worked diligently to lower the cost of the ArcaBoard in its pursuit of making a product that will be available to as many people as possible," the company wrote on its website Tuesday. "Arca has secured strategic partnerships with U.S. and Chinese suppliers like Southwest Composite Works Inc. and Eco Molding Co. Originally priced at $19,900, The ArcaBoard can now be sold at $14,900 thanks to these partnerships. The orders that were already placed at the initial price will be shipped as scheduled, and the price difference will be reimbursed."

Whether the recent bad publicity of hoverboards catching on fire has anything to do with this is unknown. But it shouldn't, considering those hoverboards are mostly two-wheel devices that stay on the ground, while the ArcaBoard actually allows its users to levitate and float in the air for about six minutes.

As part of the company's announcement to lower the ArcaBoard's production price, Arca Space also made battery packs available to extend its flying time by simply swapping out the dying or dead battery with a charged one.

Although $14,900 is still a pricey fee, the ArcaBoard touts 272 horsepower, cranking out about 430 pounds of pure upthrust with the help of 36 electric fans. The 180-pound device delivers a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour and is able to carry a passenger of up to 243 pounds.

ArcaBoard will hit the international market on April 14 at Monaco's Top Marques event, but orders can currently be placed on the company's website.

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