Serato's First iPhone App Is An Autonomous DJ For Your Next Party


Serato is best known for creating mixing software for DJs, however, it seems as though the company is aiming to broaden its scope.

Its first consumer app goes by the name of Pyro, which replaces the need for a DJ at all, acting as an automatic DJ — users simply have to load up a playlist, and Pyro will do the rest.

"From the ability to mix in music from all sources into one seamless playlist to blending by Serato's legendary technology to smooth skipping, Pyro will change the way you listen to music, entertain your friends and work out," said the company in an emailed statement.

Pyro sounds really easy to use, and it is. It doesn't do too much beyond what it says it does, but that's a good thing — no bells and whistles that you need to mess around with, just load up your playlist and let it play. It will smoothly transition from song to song, no matter how different the songs are. Of course, it's aimed a lot more at dance and pop music, but that doesn't mean you can't experiment with other genres.

Users are also able to connect the app to their Spotify account, and after the playlist ends, it will even switch over to recommended songs. Of course, Serato is better known for letting people mix their own songs, and while this isn't the app for DJs, users can combine playlists, reorder songs and put a song at the top of the list, where it will immediately start fading in.

Serato obviously isn't getting out of the professional DJ market, however, Pyro seems to just be the start of its push into the consumer market. We should expect more apps from the company in the near future, and it will be interesting to see what it comes up with.

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