Internet Explorer slowing down? Microsoft released a hotfix for that


Experiencing strange slowdown issues with Internet Explorer recently? That's OK; Microsoft was aware of the issue, and not too long ago released a Hotfix designed to set things back on track. If everything goes accordingly, this Hotfix should kick Internet Explorer back into gear.

What is the cause of Internet Explorer 7 to 11 slowing down or grinding to a complete halt? Well, it has a lot to do with two updates released back in the past. One update was released back in July of this year, and another released in August. Users who have downloaded these updates might experience problems, though some have yet to come across it.

For those who would like to know if they have the updates installed, just fire up Windows Update and check for the following patches in the update history section. To do this, just hit the search box and type, "Windows Update." Once it is up, click on it, then choose "View update history."

Within the update history tab, search for KB2962872 or KB2976627. Those patches are the cause, so right away users should check for updates, and download the hotfixes from Microsoft's website. The software giant did not specify when users should expect the hotfix to rollout as an automatic update, so we recommend going this route instead of waiting.

Getting the correct update for the version of Windows and Internet Explorer isn't difficult. Hit the link and choose the correct download package, and then watch the magic as it happens. Bear in mind that after downloading and installing the update, users will be required to restart their system for it to take effect.

Updates, and more Windows updates.

Microsoft has gotten very sloppy since the release of Windows 8. Downloading and installing Patches, hotfixes, and updates has become a regular thing users. We hope that with Satya Nadella now taking full control of Microsoft, these issues will eventually come to an abrupt end.

It's a bit criminal to purchase an operating system, only having to download 500MB or more update once it is up and running. Within the next 6 months, a user might have to download updates that when combined are larger than 1 gigabyte.

Microsoft needs to do more to get this issue under control, and fast.

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