Apple executives Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi recently sat down for "The Talk Show" podcast, hosted by John Gruber, discussing, for the first time, some of the numbers of Apple Music and iCloud.

According to Cue and Federighi, there are currently more than 11 million subscribers to Apple Music, along with a whopping 782 million iCloud users. In total, those 782 million users access their accounts from over a billion Apple devices.

Eleven million users is quite an achievement for Apple Music, especially considering the still-young age of the service. It is, however, still less than the 20 million subscribers that Spotify boasts, a number that will be Apple's next major milestone.

Cue and Federighi also discussed other Apple products, revealing that a huge 200,000 iMessages are sent through the system every second. Not only that, but 750 million transactions are made through iTunes and the App Store every week.

While we did not get any numbers related to Apple TV or the Apple Watch, it was revealed that a new remote app would be released for the Apple TV soon. It will reportedly be nearly a copy of the physical Apple TV remote, including how gestures and Siri are handled through Apple TV.

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