In the past few days alone, Amazon Echo's knowledge has grown right before our very eyes.

Earlier this week, the Echo was enhanced to be able to order Domino's pizza and play music from Spotify with simple voice commands to Alexa.

Those enhancements followed Alexa being bolstered with knowledge of movies and the Super Bowl just in time for Sunday's big game.

Now, Amazon's device is capable of another glorious feature — ordering an Uber car.

On Friday, Uber announced its integration with the Echo, enabling users of Amazon's smart home hub to order Alexa to hail a ride with the service with simple voice commands such as "get me an Uber" or "request me a ride," as reported by the Verge. The website adds that even a command like "call me a taxi" will have Alexa ordering an Uber car.

"Maybe you're running late and your phone's charging in another room or you're not the most savvy smartphone user — having the ability to ask Alexa to get you an Uber just by using your voice takes the magic of getting a ride to an entirely new level," Matt Wyndowe, Uber's head of product partnerships, told the Verge. "We used to say push a button get a ride, now with the help of Alexa you don't have to lift a finger."

With the rapid amount of announcements that Amazon has been making for Alexa's updates lately, it really feels like it's applying the pressure on Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana for digital assistance supremacy.

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