Actor James Woods, known for roles on the critically-acclaimed television show Shark as well as an infamous animated character on Family Guy, has an ongoing defamation lawsuit against an anonymous Twitter user, and it looks like it is set to move forward.

See, back in July 2015, Woods sent out a tweet reading, “USAToday app features Bruce Jenner's latest dress selection, but makes zero mention of Planned Parenthood baby parts market.”

The pair of references, of course, was the media reaction to Jenner’s reveal as Caitlyn and the Planned Parenthood videos claiming to reveal, as Woods would call it, a “baby parts market.”

A Twitter user with the name Abe List reportedly responded to Woods’ tweet with, “cocaine addict James Woods still sniffing and spouting.”

That’s “reportedly,” because the account associated with the tweet, and reportedly several other disparaging remarks about Woods, has become locked since that time.

Woods decided to take the anonymous Abe List to court for defamation, and so far, the real Abe List has remained cloaked thanks to sending lawyers in their place. Part of the lawsuit is about attaching a real person to the online persona, according to the New York Times, and another part is then trying to get $10 million in damages from them.

The lawyers representing the person behind the Abe List Twitter account had recently filed to strike the lawsuit, arguing that the tweet at the center of the case and all subsequent tweets were hyperbole and not meant to be taken seriously, but a judge struck it down. So, Woods moves one step closer to figuring out his abuser.

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