The LG V10 apparently has a worrisome fingerprint vulnerability that would allow someone to bypass the smartphone's security in no time.

The feature-packed LG V10 stirred lots of interest upon its debut, as it comes with powerful specs and a combo of two displays with neat features. However, the handset may not be so great when it comes to security.

Fingerprint scanners have basically become the norm for modern smartphones that promise to deliver a higher level of security. Many current smartphones come with fingerprint sensors and the LG V10 is one of them, but that doesn't mean they're invulnerable to attacks.

One video now demonstrates how the LG V10's fingerprint security can be bypassed in just 30 seconds or less, with just a little skill.

YouTuber Matt OnYourScreen posted the demo video embedded at the end of this article, proving how it doesn't take much to hack into the LG V10 despite the fingerprint reader. To successfully bypass the smartphone's security, a launcher such as the Nova Launcher is required and the smartphone's home screen has to be unlocked.

If someone gets just 30 seconds with your phone while the home screen is unlocked, they can easily add their own fingerprint with little to no hassle. All one would need to do is press the home button, add the launcher app as a widget and return to the home screen to open it.

Upon opening the widget, scroll down until you find 'com.lge.fingerprintsettings' and tap this option. From there, just select the first option from the drop-down menu and it will create an "Add Fingerprint" icon on the home screen. Tapping this icon allows you to create a fingerprint immediately. Now you can add your own fingerprint with no hassle, delete the launcher app and enjoy access to the LG V10.

The LG V10 allows for up to four fingerprints to be saved. It should be harder to add your fingerprint to the device, but this video clearly proves that it's not.

To avoid having unauthorized people storing their fingerprints on your LG V10, you might want to take some precautions. First of all, ditching launcher apps such as the Nova Launcher would greatly reduce the risk. Another method would be to use up all of those four fingerprints allowed on the smartphone so another one cannot be added.

The demo video aims to warn LG V10 users of the risk and help them protect their devices, not encourage people to hack friends' LG V10 smartphones. That said, check out the video below.

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