Mattel Unveils Second View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer With Sharper Visuals And Better Sound


Mattel pushes further in the virtual reality game with a second View-Master that addresses the issues with its predecessor.

In collaboration with Google, the company launched the first generation of the virtual reality headset back in 2015. It was met with great success, where it soon became a sort of better version of the Google Cardboard.

This time around, Mattel took things up a notch with an improved View-Master that was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, calling it Viewer DLX.

New And Improved

To start things off, one of the biggest problems with the first model is that the audio is muffled, as it only uses the smartphone's speakers. As a solution to that, the Viewer DLX will sport a headphone connector for clear sound.

Compared to the previous unit, the visuals will now become sharper because of improved lenses and a focal adjustment dial positioned at the top.

What It Has In Store

For an immersive and educational virtual reality experience, Mattel is offering what it calls Experience Packs. The choices include Space, Destinations and Wildlife, which was developed with National Geographic.

In these packs, users will be able to bring up tidbits of information, images, videos and even some mini games.

Platform Popularity

It could be argued that the Google Cardboard platform is immensely popular because users don't have to spend that much to experience virtual reality, not to mention that the reason why the Samsung Gear VR sold like hotcakes at launch is because of its affordable price.

Pricing And Availability

While the first View-Master is pegged at $30, the Viewer DLX will hit the shelves with a $40 price tag. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise, though, as Mattel did implement improvements across the board.

As mentioned in the tweet earlier, the virtual reality viewer is expected to roll out sometime this fall.

It's also worth mentioning that the previous View-Master became the first virtual reality headset that Apple is selling online and at physical stores. In other words, there's more or less a chance that the Cupertino brand will offer the Viewer DLX through those means as well.

A Closer Look

Hit up the video below to see what the View-Master Viewer DLX can bring to the table.

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