Rumors of Microsoft building a new smartphone that will be part of its successful Surface brand have intensified. A user on Reddit discovered that Microsoft owns, which redirects to the company's official Surface site.

Microsoft has received major praise for its lineup of Surface tablets in the last few years and its latest Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, which went on sale in late October have been huge hits, completely selling out online upon release. While the company is enjoying the fruits of its labor with regards to the Surface family, the same can't be said about its Lumia smartphone series.

Apple and Google are currently the main players in the smartphone world due to the success of the iPhone and the countless number of handset makers producing Android phones. Microsoft has tried to carve out its own space and even had some of Android's biggest makers, including Samsung, HTC, and LG build smartphones that ran the company's smartphone OS, Windows Phone.

In an attempt to take destiny into its own hands, Microsoft acquired Nokia for $7.9 billion in 2014, which at the time was the most successful Windows Phone maker with its Lumia series. The move allowed Microsoft to instantly become a smartphone maker and not just the OS builder. But the deal was widely viewed as a disaster since it never improved Microsoft's standings in the smartphone world and lost money.

We recently reported that the upcoming Lumia 650 is rumored to be the last Lumia branded smartphone, since Microsoft has reportedly shifted its focus on building a smartphone under its successful Surface brand.

In what could be viewed as Microsoft adding more fuel to the fire of a Surface Phone, a Reddit user has discovered that Microsoft now owns, which redirects to the company's official Surface page.

While this isn't any confirmation that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone – since the company also owns other surface domains, including and, which both also point back to the official Surface page – it does give hope to anyone wantig a Surface Phone smartphone.

Do you think Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone and will it be a success? Let us know in the comments below.

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