So far, everything about Koei Tecmo's upcoming Attack on Titan adaptation looks fantastic. Swinging around looks just like the anime, the visuals are breathtaking and the Titans are as horrifying as ever. Considering how hit-and-miss most anime titles are these days, it's nice to see a studio taking the time to make a faithful adaptation, rather than just rushing something out the door.

That being said, there's one piece of the Attack on Titan formula that Koei Tecmo has kept under wraps. Early on in the series, protagonist Eren Jager learns how to transform into one of the hulking Titans - and fans have been waiting to see exactly what that looks like on the PlayStation 4.

After months of waiting, Koei Tecmo has finally decided to pull back the curtain. The studio just released its latest batch of short teasers - and, while the other two are definitely worth taking a look at, most people are probably going to want to see Titan Eren in action:

It's only a short glimpse, but it's great to finally see gameplay as Titan Eren. Combat looks appropriately fast and brutal - what's surprising is the sheer amount of environmental devastation. Compared with his anime counterpart, Titan Eren on the PS4 shreds through buildings with ease, leveling entire city blocks in just a few seconds - while it may not be the most technically advanced environmental destruction system in gaming, it definitely adds a sense of power to playing as a Titan.

Compared with Titan Eren's reveal, the other two videos are relatively standard: the first features a confrontation between Eren and fellow soldier Jean, while the second is a short trailer composed of in-game cinematics. As with the Titan Eren video, they're both extremely short and entirely in Japanese, but anyone interested in the game's story should definitely take a look.

If Koei Tecmo plays its cards right, Attack on Titan could be one of the best anime adaptations ever - at the very least, it has absolutely nailed the look and feel of the show.

For Japanese fans, the game isn't all that far off: Attack on Titan is set to launch later this month. Sadly, the game still doesn't have a North American release date, save for a general 2016 launch window.

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