Bethesda has finally revealed details about Fallout 4's season pass, including the fact that players will be getting much more than they originally thought.

Three pieces of DLC are coming in the next three months. The first, available in March, is "Automatron." This piece of DLC will add a new quest that has a villain named The Mechanist releasing a horde of killer robots onto the unsuspecting populace of the Commonwealth. It looks like the villain draws his (or her) name from the Silver Shroud Radio drama villain of the same name, so fans of the Silver Shroud questline should find plenty to enjoy. Players will even be able to craft their own robots from the parts of the ones they've defeated. Automatron will be priced at $9.99.

Next up in April is a smaller DLC pack titled "Wasteland Workshop." Retailing for $4.99, this add-on allows players to trap and tame the various creatures of the Fallout universe, as well as adds more customization options for settlements and the ability to create your own arenas filled with the creatures you've caught.

The third and most significant piece of DLC is set to arrive May and is titled "Far Harbor." Players will be journeying to Maine in this $24.99 expansion as part of a case for the Valentine Detective Agency. Bethesda promises new, higher-level armor and weapons will be available to find in Far Harbor and that players can expect to encounter high radiation levels, the Children of the Atom and a colony of Synths. 

All of this can be yours for $29.99, if you buy the Fallout 4 season pass before March 1. After that date, the price of the season pass will be raised to $49.99. Bethesda says this is because there is additional DLC on the way after the release of the three DLC packs detailed above. Those who have already purchased the season pass will get all of the game's future content without having to pay more.

You can read about what we dreamed about seeing in Fallout 4's season pass here. With more content on the way outside of the DLC detailed here, perhaps some of our dreams will come true.

Photos: Bethesda Softworks

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