Amazon recently released a new software update for the Fire Phone. The Fire OS 3.5.1 is now available for download and ready to bring the Amazon phone new and improved features.

Some of the enhanced features include the following:

  • Quick Switch
  • App Grid Collections
  • Carousel Pinning
  • 11 Frame Lenticular Photos
  • Enhanced Carousel E-mail
  • Improved Video Sharing
  • Improved Battery Life

Quick Switch allows a Fire Phone user to shut down or alternate between tasks and currently running apps. Double tapping on the home button now allows quick access to the Quick Switch menu. On the App Grid Collection, one can now make folders of content or apps on the app grid. This means apps can now be grouped together much like in iOS and Windows Phone.  

Carousel Pinning allows pinning apps to the front of the home carousel. From three images, you can now use eleven still images to create Lenticular photos. E-mails can now be deleted directly from the home screen, sharing of high-resolution videos has been enhanced, and battery performance has been improved, thanks to a number of system updates.

This is Amazon's first release of software update for the Fire phone. The Amazon phone may not exactly be a bestseller in the market these days but the e-commerce site is still positive that things will turn around. Amazon has had a good track record when it comes to the Kindle, after all. It is only a matter of time before the Fire Phone will make it big.

Amazon is said to bring "dozens" of new updates with this release of the Fire OS. The features first became available for the review units but it's only now that the company made them available to all users.

The Fire OS 3.5.1 software update is will be downloaded automatically to a Fire Phone easily over Wi-Fi. OS versions can also be updated manually via a USB connect.

Will this software update make the Fire phone more attractive to would-be buyers? The update is expected to enhance user experience for early adapters of Fire Phone.

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