Google is brewing something new for the music lovers. There's YouTube and Google Play Music already but a new paid music playback service is something of interest to many.

Rumor has it that a paid subscription music playback service will include offline playback and background audio. Nothing has been confirmed yet but some people are wondering about what could happen to the Play Music All Access.

For one, the Google Play Music All Access will be renamed as Google Play Music Key. This offering will also bring offline playback and audio-only playback aside from ad-free music. For only $9.99 per month, one can subscribe to it or go for a free 30-day trial offered to first time users.

No word yet on what will happen to current subscribers of Play Music All Access but Google should give them free access automatically or at least a discounted rate.

With the Music Key, Google will offer access to more than 20 million high-quality tracks from thousands of artists across all genres.

No official announcement has been made yet but Google has recently purchased the domain. It doesn't make it formal and official but at least we have hope Google is up to something new.

There's also information that Google's Music Key will provide access to remixes, covers, concert footages, and discographies among others. Not that covers and remixes are available in Play Music but YouTube is different. With Music Key, these features would probably be integrated.

Google could have a big winner with the Music Key if Play Music and YouTube features are combined in one service for a fee. Even if there is a price, users would benefit greatly from the new service. A less than $10 monthly fee is a small price to pay for people who spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos or listening to music on Google Play. 

It's too early to officially say Google is making another revolution in the music industry but it's exciting to know what that could be. We'll see about that.

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