Matt Murdock often finds himself in dangerous situations and usually ends up banged up, bruised and injured as he takes on villains in Hell's Kitchen. In a new teaser released by Netflix from season two of its Daredevil series, it seems that Matt is in a precarious situation again: the clip shows the blind superhero on a rooftop, chains binding him to a chimney.

That's not all: the clip also has a gun shot in the background, followed by the sound of, presumably, the same gun cocking and preparing to shoot again.

This suggests that this was something set up by Punisher, who appears in the second season of Daredevil.

Also, this is a scene already familiar to Marvel Comics readers.

The first trailer for Daredevil appeared on Monday, which set up the appearance of Jon Bernthal's Punisher on the series.

"I think this guy lives in a world of darkness that no other person in this universe can compare with," said Bernthal to IGN. "My goal here was to put myself in that darkness and bring that up and to never pull punches, to never do half measures, to never be apologetic, to never pursue likability at all, to be completely unapologetic at all times. This is a highly personal mission that this man is on and I think that this show and what they accomplished with last season, is a perfect, fertile ground to bring a character like that to life. It's not a superhero show. It's a human show."

Returning characters to the series include Foggy Nelson, Karen Page and Claire Temple. Fans can also expect the debut of Elektra, as portrayed by actress Elodie Yung.

"What makes Elektra so disarming is that there has to be a sense of elegance and charm, and it has to be someone you feel has traveled the world, so that Matt, Hell's Kitchen's son of a boxer from a working class Irish family, would really shine as two different people who were caught in this love story that would confuse him and complicate his world," said head of Marvel and Daredevil executive producer Jeph Loeb to Collider.

Season two of Daredevil premieres on Netflix on March 18.

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