ReddX: the Reddit app for Xbox One is out now


Starting today, players on Xbox One can follow their favorite subreddits and play games at the same time, thanks to a new app called ReddX. The app that brings Reddit to Microsoft's gaming console is currently rolling out to all Xbox Live members in the United States and Canada.

ReddX takes full advantage of the Xbox One's snap feature, which allows for various apps to be "snapped" to the side of the screen alongside a game, TV or another app. ReddX users can create and interact with subreddits, and they can also customize their main page to see the content and posts most relevant to their interests.

A Reddit app wouldn't be complete without the ability to upvote or downvote comments, and ReddX allows users to do so with the Xbox One controller, media remote or the Xbox SmartGlass app on a compatible tablet. The app supports the ability for users to zoom in to closer read or look at images, text, videos and GIFs. Users can also save pictures to serve as the ReddX background image.

This is, of course, Xbox we are talking about, so every app available on the console comes with its own set of achievements, just like games on the console do. Players can unlock ReddX achievements by up-voting over 500 comments, posting 100 comments themselves and lurking Reddit on the app for more than 100 hours, among other activities.

While app achievements don't net users gamerpoints in the same way game achievements do, ReddX users do get a little extra something for their efforts. Each achievement unlocks an Xbox spin on familiar internet memes, using Xbox community manager Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) as the stand in for memes like "Good Guy Greg" or "Upvoting Obama." You can see the full collection of Major Nelson memes here.

ReddX is just one of more than 45 entertainment related apps coming to Xbox One before the end of this year. The Xbox One MTV app will be releasing later this week and offers sneak peeks, bonus clips, behind-the-scenes footage and full episodes from select MTV series for those with who get MTV with their cable package. A large update to the console's Twitch streaming app will also be released this week. That update will allow users to see and then watch what Twitch channels friends are watching. Apps for Twitter and Vine currently don't have a release date for the console.

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