"Breaking Bad" duo Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite for a new Emmy spoof, proving that their chemistry lives on even past their Walter White and Jesse Pinkman days.

The spoof, shot reality show style, features the Emmy-winning stars playing owners of the Barely Legal Pawn Shop. "We deal in the unique, the usual and the barely legal," Cranston says. "And we always get the deal."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, another Emmy winner, enters the shop to pawn her "Seinfeld" Emmy to pay for a private island she impulsively bought after drinking rosé and reading about Celine Dion's island.

Cranston and Paul mistake Louis-Dreyfus for "Weeds" star Mary Louise Parker. Louis-Dreyfus justifies the mistake because of the name "Louis." Louis-Dreyfus explains to the men that she is known currently for her role on "Veep," but they are still not impressed with her best supporting actress "trophy."

Louis-Dreyfus says the supporting actor role is sometimes harder, depending on how much support the lead needs, but Cranston believes the Emmy would be worth more if it was a leading actor award.

The partners in crime think her "Seinfeld" Emmy would be worth more if it were an award from the drama category. "Comedy is easy, drama is hard," Paul says.

After checking that the award is authentic, Louis-Dreyfus says that her award is priceless and takes it back. Paul says she isn't strapped for cash since she is on a TV show, but Louis-Dreyfus jokes that "it's cable money." "Tell me about it," Cranston replies.

Louis-Dreyfus walks away with her Emmy, but returns after leaving her car keys behind. Cranston and Paul play on their shady meth-making ways, surprising us all by trading in the hard drugs for soft puppies in their grooming business.

The puppy scene is the perfect opportunity for "Breaking Bad" fans to hear Pinkman's signature catch phrase, "B--ch!" one more time.

The new spoof is courtesy of one of the sponsors for the 2014 Emmys, Audi of America. All three actors are nominated at the 2014 Emmys, which will air live on Monday on NBC.

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