The way you play Monopoly is about to change.

We all love this classic board game, but we can't deny that it takes a really, really long time to complete. So to speed things up a bit and appeal to younger players who embrace technology as a means to pay for things (got to love mobile payments), the latest Monopoly edition is getting rid of paper money and will instead use credit cards for its banking system.

Monopoly players might remember that Hasbro previously released a version that used credit cards, but the gamer would have to manually enter the amount. Habsbro revealed its new version, called Monopoly Ultimate Banking, at Toy Fair 2016 in New York City, which better incorporates a credit system where players don't have to do anything but scan to swipe.

The game comes with a credit reader device that scans the player's credit card so that they can spend their money on desired properties. The player first scans their credit card, then the property card, which features bar codes, to make the transaction. Players are also able to receive money on their cards by transferring amounts between players to pay rent. Those who own a particular property will be able to raise the rent each time the players come around the board again to make sure they go broke.

This new system will make it much harder for players to cheat by slipping money in their side stash, so the only thing families will fight over is who will be the top hat or dog piece.

Without having to worry about counting cashing or entering in credit card information, the time it takes to play the game is expected to be a whole lot shorter. However, we still expect it will take a few hours to find the winner.

Along with the new credit card system, Monopoly Ultimate Banking will also include a new version of Chance cards called Life Events. These events will cause the price of rent on the board to fluctuate to better mirror real life. These include things like getting a book deal or getting a work promotion, events which will allow players to keep a healthy bank account.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking will be released in the fall for a retail price of $25.

Source: Gizmodo

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