"Moto X - Designed by You." That bannered the ad for Moto Maker customization tool on Verizon's online store. The U.S. carrier was rumored to launch the Moto Maker on November 11 and it did not fail to live up to the rumors.

The Verizon page for the Moto Maker featured a Moto X unit sporting a teal back cover. It also highlighted the Verizon branding and the tag price of $99.99. 

The Moto Maker customization tool allows consumers to select their preferred colors for the front and back cover of their Moto X. The tool will also allow consumers to choose the color of their volume buttons and set up a message for their boot screen. Till now, these customization options were only available for customers on the AT&T network since the roll out of Motorola's flagship handset.

The landing page also gives consumers a glimpse of how the Verizon logo will look on a Moto X. It also suggests that back engravings on the backside of the handset might be offered as one of the options. The engraving was dropped prior to the launch of the Moto Maker as the process was being improved.

The official Twitter account of Motorola sent out a message about the custom engraving option.

"Tweeps! Get ready to express yourself. Literally," tweeted Motorola Mobility. The short message came with an image showing a Moto X with "Hashtag Happy" message near the bottom of the back cover.

In October, tech news leaker EVLeaks tweeted that the Moto X customization tool will be available for Verizon users this month.

"Moto Maker for Moto X coming to Verizon on November 11th," the @evleaks Twitter account posted on October 5.

Technology blog Droid Life also reported that it received confirmation from multiple, reliable sources that the Moto Maker will be rolled out by Verizon on November 11.

"We can now confirm through multiple sources that Verizon and Motorola have indeed scheduled November 11 as MotoMaker launch day. It has been months since the phone and customization service first launched as an AT&T exclusive deal, with November being rumored as the end of the exclusivity from the beginning. Come Monday, those on Big Red should finally be able to make their own Moto X," said Droid Life.

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