It's a great time to be an Attack on Titan fan, especially if you are a gamer as well. A promising PlayStation 4 game is on the way later this year, but there is yet another Attack on Titan game that looks like it would be worth checking out just for the controllers alone.

Attack on Titan: Team Battle is an upcoming multiplayer arcade game where up to eight players can all team up to battle titans together, according to Game Watch (via Kotaku). Sounds fun in and of itself, but it is the controllers for each machine that are the real highlight.

Whereas plenty of arcade games have specially designed gun controllers or racing wheels, the controls for this Attack on Titan game are modelled off the hand grips for the show's 3D maneuvering gear, aka the equipment that allows the characters of the show to zip through the city streets, hacking away at the necks of titans. The controller isn't motion based, but rather features an analog stick and triggers that let players control their on-screen character.

As far as arcade controls go, this is one of the coolest we've seen in a while. It certainly would add a level of immersion to the experience of playing the game, and playing with a group of friends sounds like it could be a blast. No word yet if this game might make it to the West, as it currently looks like it will only be released in Japan.

Not to worry, though. The Attack on Titan PlayStation game will be arriving stateside later this year for all of Sony's current consoles, and what we've seen so far looks great. Bandai Namco recently revealed a host of new gameplay footage, including our first look at some of the game's Titan vs. Titan gameplay. If you're looking for more arcade action, one of the latest and greatest is Star Wars Battle Pod. The game lets players relive some of the saga's greatest vehicle battles, with an update coming later this year that will add an additional level from The Force Awakens.

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