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Check Out The Stormtrooper-Focused Short Film That Impressed At This Year's 'Star Wars' Fan Film Awards

The 'Star Wars' fan film 'TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story' received the Filmmaker Select award at this year's 'Star Wars' Fan Film Awards.

Movies/TV Shows August 15, 2016

Fan-Made 'Fallout: Revelation' TV Series Does Bethesda's Wasteland Justice

This fan-made 'Fallout' TV series looks good enough to be the real thing.

Video Games July 26, 2016

Here's Hoping Nintendo Can Make A Legend Of Zelda Movie Half As Cool As This Majora's Mask Fan Film

An upcoming, fan-made 'Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask' short film looks perfect in every way. The trailer perfectly captures the mystery and beauty of the game it's based on.

Video Games July 1, 2016

'Axanar' Releases Statement About CBS' 'Star Trek' Fan Film Guidelines

After CBS released its new guidelines regarding the production of fan films, the team behind 'Axanar,' a 'Star Trek' fan film, have released a statement about the network's restrictive new rules.

Movies/TV Shows June 24, 2016

Justin Lin Weighs In On Latest 'Axanar' Lawsuit Development, Says That Star Trek 'Belongs To All Of Us'

Justin Lin has weighed in on the beef between CBS and Paramount against Axanar Productions, a company that crowdfunded a Star Trek fan film and is facing a lawsuit for copyright infringement from the studios.

Movies/TV Shows March 14, 2016

Batman Fan Film Flips The Switch On Villains And Heroes In 'Gotham City'

A fan-made film called 'The Demon in the Dark' takes on the premise of what 'good' and 'evil' are in the DC universe's most notorious metropolis.

Movies/TV Shows February 19, 2016

'Star Wars' Fan Film 'Kara' Returns Fans To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This fan film featuring rebels, Stormtroopers and a hint of the Force will make the wait for 'Rogue One' feel even longer.

Movies/TV Shows January 20, 2016

Marvel Won't Make A Miles Morales Spider-Man Film, So One Group Of Fans Did It Themselves

This Spider-Man fan film imagines Miles Morales filling the void left by Peter Parker's death.

Movies/TV Shows November 12, 2015

This Is What The Wildlife In 'Grand Theft Auto V' Is Up To When You Aren't Looking

Check out this fan-made nature documentary about the wildlife in Rockstar's 'Grand Theft Auto V.'

Geek August 27, 2015

Someone Reimagined A 'Mad Max' Chase Sequence With Go-Karts And Paintball Guns

What would 'Mad Max' look like reimagined with go-karts and paintball guns? Well, now we know, thanks to a video featuring a reimagined 'Mad Max' chase sequence as part of new promotion for the upcoming video game.

Movies/TV Shows August 19, 2015

This Fan's 'Witcher 3' Parody Video Hilariously Sums Up Geralt's Journey

Being a Witcher isn't all fun and games - at least according to this fan-made parody video of 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,' which tells the story of the game in a funny way.

Geek July 22, 2015

This Video Imagines Your Favorite FPS Games In LEGO Form

This might be the best two minutes of your day. Imagine that every video game starred LEGO Minifigures — but the physics and realism are spot-on perfect.

Internet Culture May 27, 2015

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Remade As A 16-Bit Video Game

You knew it had to happen. Like the coming of the seasons, nothing is more predictable than fan remakes of popular movie trailers. Here's the 16-bit version of the latest 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' trailer.

Movies/TV Shows May 7, 2015

Incredible 'Star Wars' TIE Fighter Fan Film Is An Anime Fan's Dream

You're not going to believe your eyes — or that this was made by one man alone — when you watch this amazing Star Wars short film. The fan flick focuses on TIE Fighter pilots, using an anime art style.

Movies/TV Shows March 24, 2015

'Batman v. Iron Man' Fan Film Looks Great, But Will Undoubtedly Get Shut Down

Here's a fantastic looking fan film from Kickstarter that's got some impressive CGI animation. It stars Batman and Iron Man in their movie incarnations, and it will never, ever see the light of day.

Movies/TV Shows March 22, 2015

'The Hobbit' Fan Edit Proves That The Story Probably Works Better As One Film

One fan of 'The Hobbit' recently got creative with the trilogy of films, cutting them all down and merging them together into a single four-hour film, proving that maybe Peter Jackson should have done the same.

Movies/TV Shows January 20, 2015

Stop-motion Transformers fan film is made of geek gold

A virtuoso stop-motion animator has created a five-minute love letter to the Transformers. Optimus Prime battles the Constructicons in Harris Loureiro's brilliant fan movie.

Movies/TV Shows July 5, 2014

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