Flash dance mobs have been spotted in malls, airports, train stations among others and these were for different purposes ranging from marketing new products to wedding proposals. The latest video that has gone viral, featured a flash mob in an operating room of a hospital in San Francisco. Deborah Cohan, a doctor herself, went under the knife for a double mastectomy on November 5 but before doing so, she danced like crazy to the tune of Beyonce's "Get Bodied" with her fellow medical professionals.

The mother of two who has been battling breast cancer was wearing her hospital gown and partied for six minutes with the surgical and anesthesiology team of Mt. Zion Hospital. She also encouraged her family, friends, and supporters to join the virtual flash mob.

On October 28, Cohan, an obstetric gynecologist at the UCSF Medical Center, posted a message on her Caring Bridge page.

"I want to dance with my community - flash mob style - in the hallway of my Mt. Zion hospital room. Maybe even get some other patients out of their beds to dance with us," Cohan posted.

"Dance is my medicine," Cohan added.

The six-minute video has more than 6.3 million hits on YouTube as of writing and has garnered almost 15,000 Likes. Her virtual flash mob has also started posting their own videos and words of support on Cohan's Caring Bridge page.

"I wish you the very best, and a speedy recovery. I am sure that your spirit will heal you ... You are an inspiration to other Cancer survivors, God bless you," a certain Lisa Sanders wrote on the page.

"This video of you have lifted my spirits. I have health issues and I just wanted to say you are an amazing person! Live life to the fulliest [sic] and always dance," stated B. Miller on the guestbook of Cohan's page.

Cohan described the outpour of support as an "amazing flood of love."

"I am doing great. I'm feeling very spiritually fulfilled. My muscles are pretty sore, it's going to require some recuperation. I feel like I've done about five thousand push-ups," she said in an interview.

"It has such power that even when I'm about to go into a double mastectomy, it can transport me to a joyous place," she added.

The breast cancer survivor said she was even more worried about the dance mob rather than the surgery itself on the day of the operation.

Check out Cohan's groove in the video below

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