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44-Year-Old Woman Sues Hospital After Receiving Permanent Breast Implants Following Double Mastectomy

A 44-year-old mother accused the doctor, who performed her double mastectomy, of giving her breasts implants following the surgery. The woman claimed she did not consent to the implants.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 14, 2018

Breast Reconstruction Surgery After Mastectomy Uncommon At Financially Struggling Hospitals

A study has found that women with breast cancer, who have been treated at a cash-strapped hospital, will have a lower chance of receiving breast reconstruction surgery immediately. Breast cancer patients usually undergo either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy.

December 14, 2017

Rate Of Double Mastectomy Rises In US Women With Early Stage Cancer In One Breast

The proportion of women in the United States diagnosed with cancer affecting only one breast who opted to undergo double mastectomy has increased. What are the potential reasons behind this?

Medicine March 31, 2017

1 In 6 Breast Cancer Patients Chose Double Mastectomy With Little Knowledge Of The Aggressive Procedure’s Lack Of Benefit: Study

According to a recent study, one in six patients diagnosed with breast cancer decides to have both breasts removed. The procedure is not necessary for many of them and it is believed the examples provided by celebrities may influence such decisions, together with lack of information.

Public Health December 24, 2016

More Women Opting For Mastectomy, US Data Show

A growing number of women with breast cancer are choosing to undergo a mastectomy over less invasive surgeries, a new government brief revealed. Their numbers increased 36 percent from 2005 to 2013, with double mastectomies more than tripling during that period.

Life February 23, 2016

11-Year-Old Boy Youngest Person In UK To Have Mastectomy

Eleven-year-old Lewis Deakin became the first child who had mastectomy in the UK. It was performed as part of the treatment for his arteriovenous malformation, a rare disorder leading to benign tumor growth in his chest.

Life January 6, 2016

Eight-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With Rare Breast Cancer Undergoes Mastectomy

Chrissy Turner underwent mastectomy after being diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer. The eight-year-old girl from Utah is now recuperating after the surgery.

Life December 9, 2015

8-Year-Old Girl In Utah Diagnosed With Rare Form Of Breast Cancer

Chrissy Turner is the youngest patient to be diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer called secretory carcinoma. Born to cancer survivor parents, the eight-year-old girl is set for mastectomy in December.

Life November 25, 2015

Transgender Teen Takes Selfies Every Day For Three Years to Document Transition

Twenty-one-year-old Jamie Raines began taking testosterone when he was 17 years old to jumpstart his physical transition, which he tracked through a daily selfie. He took more than 1,400 self-portraits that show his facial hair growth, change in bone structure and other developments.

Life October 9, 2015

Males With Breast Cancer Now Opting For Double Mastectomy Surgery

Researchers found that more and more males diagnosed with unilateral invasive breast cancer opt to undergo double mastectomy. Majority of those who choose to do so were younger males as older males tend to disprove surgery as age advances.

Life September 3, 2015

Should Women With Breast Cancer Stage 0 Have Mastectomy Or Lumpectomy?

New research published in the 'JAMA Oncology' journal suggests that highly invasive breast cancer treatments, such as mastectomy, lumpectomy and double mastectomy, do not offer patients any difference in terms of positive outcomes for their condition.

Life August 21, 2015

70 percent of women having double mastectomy don't need it: Study

An increasing number of women are eager to undergo double mastectomy but researchers of a new study warn that many women diagnosed with breast cancer would not benefit from having both of their breasts removed.

Life May 22, 2014

70% of double mastectomies not necessary claims new research report

New research reveals removing both breasts even though only one has cancer is likely unnecessary in most cases.

Life May 22, 2014

Half of breast cancer surgeries in UK not needed: Study

While mastectomy can save lives, there are also patients who do not need the procedure. Cancer surgeons in the UK might need to do some explaining to patients who have gone under the knife but really didn't have to.

March 22, 2014

Double mastectomy patient throws Beyonce dance party before going under knife

A patient decided to organize a flash mob minutes prior to her double mastectomy surgery and danced to the beats of Beyonce's song. Of all places, it happened at the operating room with the whole medical team joining the party.

Life November 13, 2013

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