'Far Cry Primal' Has A Connection To A Certain Other 'Far Cry' Spinoff


Far Cry Primal released today, taking players back to the stone age for a prehistoric adventure filled with beast taming, scavenging and brutal combat with all sorts of primitive weapons. Players are just starting to dig into the game's open world and discover its secrets, and one major secret has already been found.

As detailed in the video below by OniZombies, one of Far Cry Primal's caves holds a major secret out of which fans of the franchise will get a kick. You'll have to travel to the far top right of the map near a waterfall to discover the secret cave.

So, what's inside? None other than the skeleton of a blood dragon, surrounded by neon pink dragon eggs. Blood dragons are, of course, the fictional creatures that debuted in Ubisoft's first Far Cry spinoff, aptly titled Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The DLC and later standalone game took players to a grim, 1980s-esque future filled with cyborgs, laser panthers and, yes, primordial dragons.

Rumors swirled that a sequel to Blood Dragon may be on the way when an image appeared online on April 1, 2014 that featured the title "Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2" splashed across a piece of artwork depicting two bipedal mechs fighting. It all made sense considering the original Blood Dragon was announced on April Fool's Day, but those rumors were later squashed by the developer itself.

While this Easter egg might not mean a second Blood Dragon is happening, it does at least seem to confirm that Primal does take place in the same universe as the spinoff and possibly even the main Far Cry entries. A fictional blog set up as a frame story for Far Cry Primal makes mention of Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min, which means it does appear that Primal takes place in the franchise's ancient past.

Blood Dragon isn't the only Easter egg to be found in Far Cry Primal. Though there are no doubt more, OniZombies also discovered an Assassin's Creed Easter egg that has players performing one of the franchise's iconic "leaps of faith." You can check that out here.

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