If you're one of those whose home Wi-Fi sucks, the time has come to wave goodbye to this issue. Eero, a smart, simple solution to your Wi-Fi problems at home, has finally arrived.

Eero Inc. has announced that its Wi-Fi system is finally available for purchase. Rather than relying on one router as being the main Wi-Fi hub for the entire house, an array of eeros talk to each other wirelessly to form a mesh network that offers a speedy, reliable Wi-Fi connection at your home.

"[D]espite the broadband speeds into our homes getting faster and faster, we still don't have fast, reliable Wi-Fi in every room," says Nick Weaver, co-founder and chief executive of eero. "We started eero to fix home Wi-Fi once and for all. eero is simple to set up, blankets our homes and gets rid of dead zones and buffering forever."

What Experts Are Saying

A few experts have already managed to test how eero performs. Let's check out what they are saying.

"eero is the home Wi-Fi solution I've been waiting for," says Nicole Lee of Engadget.

She thinks, though, that eero is pricey. Although she adds that upon several days of putting eero to the test, she says the price is well worth it.

With regard to the speed, Lee says "this is where the eero really and truly shines."

"I was getting average download speeds of 90 Mbps (upload speeds were still around 6 Mbps)," she says. "That's comparable to the kind of speeds I get when I plug my computer in directly into the modem."

Finally, she adds that the combination of speed, ease of use, and looks makes eero worthy of anyone's consideration.

Jason Cipriani of Fortune likewise got first dibs in trying out eero.

"[L]ast week, I installed eero's kit of three devices, and in a matter of minutes, my home was nearly blanketed in Wi-Fi serving up the full 125 megabits per second," he says. "Time after time, the speed tests came back with 100 Mbps or higher; a number I was formerly able to achieve only in a specific spot in the house."

Overall, Cipriani says eero lived up to its promise. He also says that with eero, he does not need to reset his network or troubleshoot a random drop in speed.

In her hands-on review with eero, Sarah Buhr of TechCrunch says eero is pretty easy to set up.

"Overall, I was pleased with my eero experience and enjoyed going down the YouTube rabbit hole of endless videos with abandon," Buhr says. "So, eero holds up to its promise for me, at least."

Again, she thinks the price is a bit steep for a router, too.

"[B]ut you might think it's worth it to not have to worry about your Wi-Fi bonking out at an inooportune moment," she concludes.

The Verge's Walt Mossberg also believes that eero "makes Wi-Fi simpler and stronger." He even performed a bunch of Internet tasks and have not experienced any buffering nor stuttering.

"With 16 devices attached to the eero network, I simultaneously streamed an HD show from my Apple TV; streamed music from the net to a Sonos speaker; downloaded a large file to my laptop from Dropbox; transferred photos wirelessly between two laptops; and walked around the house with my iPhone playing a variety of YouTube clips," he reports.


Eero comes packed with these features.

Integrated eero app – The app is paired with the first eero by means of a Bluetooth. This app allows users to manage their network. They will know, for instance, how many devices are connected to the router through this app. It also has a speed test built into it. The app also provides tips on where users can place their eeros for better performance.

Simple setup – One can set up eeros in only a few easy steps.

Security – uUers are ensured of a secure network as eero promises to regularly push out software updates over-the-air to veer away from threats.

Easy guest access – Users can easily invite their friends to join the network through the eero app.

Elegant design – Eero sports a sleek design so users won't need to hide their Wi-Fi within a closet.

Pricing And Availability

Those who wish to get their hands on the eero home Wi-Fi system may head to Amazon.com or eero.com. A single eero is priced at $199, but eero recommends to buy the three-pack, which costs $499.

For the eero app, one can download it at no cost via the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

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