Mighty is an innovative device that allows users to listen to their Spotify playlist without the need to sync it with a smartphone.

Launched as a Kickstarter campaign, Mighty is designed to solve the inconvenience brought by having to stream music on a smartphone while doing one's favorite outdoor activity. With device, users who are on the go can listen to a playlist while their phone stays safe inside the house.

"Mighty is the first and only device that plays your Spotify music without being connected to a smartphone," states the description on the device's Kickstarter campaign page. "Lightweight, durable and small enough to clip on to any piece of clothing, it's the perfect device for your active life."

At first glance, the Mighty device looks like an upgraded version of an iPod shuffle. While the latter also provides a comfortable way to listen to music during one's fitness training, it doesn't support music streaming.

These days, on-the-go streaming music would normally require a smartphone. However, bringing a smartphone during exercise can be cumbersome. It can also create annoyance brought by its short battery life. Moreover, there is the danger of dropping the device and damaging components, such as the screen. Lastly, smartphones usually come with expensive data plans.

The Spotify app is known for quickly draining the handset's battery within a few hours. With Mighty, music lovers won't have to choose battery power over listening to their playlists.

Mighty allows users to stream Spotify through their smartphone's Bluetooth connection. After launching the Mighty mobile app and logging in to their Spotify Premium account, users can access the "Available Offline" button for playing their favorite music when they're not connected to the Internet.

"Instead of downloading the selected playlists to your phone, the songs are stored directly on Mighty. Songs are transferred with Wi-Fi, so the sync process is super quick. It only takes a few minutes to sync hundreds of songs to Mighty," says Mighty Audio.

Apart from playing Spotify music, other notable features of Mighty include sweat-proofing and water resistance, one-year limited warranty, support for English language, playlist selection with VoiceOver dictation, song forward or back, volume up or down, play or pause, 3.5mm stereo audio jack and stereo audio codec.

Interested backers can head over to the device's Kickstarter campaign and offer their pledges, which range from $5 to $1,400. The estimated delivery is set for November 2016 and shipment will be available globally.

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