Microsoft's Windows operating system is quite old. Believe it or not, it's 30 years old, so that should give you an idea of the legacy and memory this operating system is sitting on. The operating system was first unveiled by Bill Gates on November 10th 1983, and then went on to be shipped two years later on November 20th 1985 as a graphical shell for MS-DOS.

As history would have it, the Microsoft Windows operating system went on to dominate the computer operating system market, controlling over a whopping 90 percent marker share. The move to make Windows available to computer manufacturers helped the operating system dominate the Apple Mac OS, which was introduced back in 1984. Check out an early video of Steve Ballmer promoting Windows. From the video, you can tell that the ever active and super-excited CEO has always been like this.

Fast forward to the present and we see Microsoft battling to keep the Windows empire from falling apart. Windows 8 is slow to catch on due to the many changes incorporated by Microsoft. Tablet operating systems such as Android and iOS are becoming a serious threat with no end in sight. The big question is this: can Windows survive for the next 30 years, or will it fall into obscurity? Well, it depends a lot on the next Microsoft CEO.

The next Microsoft CEO will have a lot of work cut out and a heavy weight to carry on his shoulders. But it all comes with the job when you're the CEO of such a massive company.

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