Capcom Addresses Issues Of Rage Quitters And Matchmaking In 'Street Fighter V'


Capcom isn't happy to see Street Fighter V turned into streets of rage. Along with addressing rage quitters, the developer and publisher is ironing out some matchmaking wrinkles.

It may not all be rage, but the problem is still just as bad. Players have been ending matches early when they're losing to avoid breaking their winning streaks and hold on to their League points.

Capcom released a blog post to confirm that it's aware of the problem with ragers and is working on a fix, though it's not ready to put a date on when it will be released.

Whatever the fix is, it will be permanent, according to Capcom. But in the meantime, it's looking to swing the ban hammer at blatant abusers of the current system.

"This punishment will be severe for the worst offenders, but we will need the community's help with this," Capcom says of manual action against rage quitters. The company adds that it will announce more details next week and asks gamers to "record every instance of rage quitting you encounter."

As for the matchmaking issues, Capcom says the system is working just fine for most players. But it acknowledged that there are problems for players in Europe, the Middle East and other regions.

"Several improvements were made this past week that should have decreased the wait time for many users in those territories," says Capcom. Still, the company will keep on monitoring the matchmaking and will notify gamers when it has made added improvements on the feature.

While Capcom sounds like it has its foot on the gas in moving forward with the pair of fixes, the company is also looking into other improvements that may not arrive anytime soon.

In an interview with Forbes, a Capcom spokesperson indicated that the company has been considering an Arcade mode for Street Fighter V. The spokesperson said the company will have more info to share about that "soon."

On top of that, Capcom may give players the ability to customize the difficulty of character prologues so that they can get more of a challenge from their AI opponents.

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