Google heard its users complaints and has released an updated version of Chrome beta that will allow users to trace browser tabs that automatically streams media. Chrome 32 beta features visual indicators that can help users immediate close tabs that they find too noisy for comfort.

The updated Internet browser  will show a speaker icon for a website that is playing unwanted sound media. A red circle will indicate that a page is using the computer's webcam while a Chromecast box will let users know that a website is sending media to their television.

The simple tweaks are minor but very useful especially for those who have multiple Chrome tabs and browsers open on their computer screen. There have been third-party apps such as MuteTab that help users address the issue before.

The latest features are now available through Chrome Beta for those who want to give them a try, but there is no announcement yet when these will be available for the stable build of Chrome.

The Chrome 32 beta also comes with updates for those using the Internet browser on Windows 8.

"And for those who use Windows 8 you'll notice that Chrome looks different in "Metro" mode. We've made it possible to manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher. If you use a Chromebook the change may look familiar - with a common interface we'll be able to bring great experiences to both even more quickly," said Google Chrome software engineer Yuri Witala through the company's official blog.

The newest beta version of Chrome also adds some security feature. It now automatically blocks malicious files. This is a boost to its feature which before only warned users that they are visiting a potentially harmful website. The browser now prompts users through Chrome's download tray that it blocked a malicious file. Users will have an option to dismiss the file or proceed with the download with caution.

Aside from the updates for Chrome, Google has also rolled out quick action links on Gmail so users can easily access Dropbox, food orders via Seamless, and dinner reservations via OpenTable.

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