Nurse, who was readmitted at a London Hospital due to late complication treatment of Ebola virus, has been released.

The Scottish nurse named Pauline Cafferkey, who was said to have a life-threatening complication that affects the brain, was discharged from the Royal Free Hospital on Sunday, Feb. 28.

London Hospital Statement

The hospital confirms the news in its website and adds that Cafferkey is not contagious.

"We can confirm that Pauline is not infectious," the hospital statement reads.

The hospital goes on to reiterate that Ebola virus may only be transferred via direct contact with blood and other bodily fluids of a patient who is still experiencing signs and symptoms of the infection.

Good News, Bad News

Secretary State for Health Jeremy Hunt praises Royal Free Hospital for yet another excellent care. He tweeted about the news, which he described as "fantastic," with a hashtag #NHSheroes.

Despite the good news, it must always be remembered that Ebola virus is a deadly disease that can affect body parts not covered by the immune system. The World Health Organization warns that the virus can affect the brain, eyes and spinal cord.

The Journey Of An Ebola Nurse Turned Patient

Cafferkey first contracted the virus in December 2014, while working as nurse in a treatment facility in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone.

After being diagnosed with the disease, she was placed in isolation for a month at Royal Free Hospital. She survived that admission and was later released by her doctors.

In October 2015, however, Cafferkey was admitted once again because she developed meningitis, which is a complication of Ebola virus. Cafferkey became critically ill at that time, reports said.

Doctors were baffled with this development, even calling Cafferkey's case "unprecedented."

Cafferkey was transferred to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on November 2015, where she spent her recovery days until she was finally discharged.

The most recent admission of the 40-year-old nurse was confirmed by Royal Free on Feb. 23.

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