In an advertisement that was aired during the 88th Academy Awards, Android has utilized a simple game to impart a powerful message. "Rock, Paper, Scissors," featured items on the namesake game getting along and coming together against bullying.

The three items are shown as anthropomorphic students, with the "paper" student being bullied by "scissors" bullies and even fellow "paper" students. In the background, "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" by John Parr plays as its soundtrack.

However, the "paper" student eventually worked together with a "scissors" student to make friends with a "rock" student to form a friendship that arises from fighting bullying and the nature of the items according to the game.

The advertisement garnered praise from netizens, as the minute-long and wordless commercial was able to present a serious message against bullying wrapped up in adorable animations.

It is nice to see Google and Android tackle such social issues in the community outside of the mobile operating system and its features.

Bullying remains a major problem in schools, despite the campaigns and the groups formed against the act. A new study reveals that children and teenagers who were subjected to bullying are at risk for developing health problems later on in their lives.

Bullying is not only limited to the school setting though, as the rise of social media has given bullies another avenue through which to harm others.

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