IBM Security announced on Monday, Feb 29 its plans of acquiring Resilient Systems Inc. to beef up its incident response capabilities.

Being able to prepare and respond to cyberattacks has been a great lump in the throat for many institutions. Security companies may always be on top of their game, but sometimes efforts just fall short.

IBM believes its collaboration with Resilient Systems will change that.

"By adding Resilient Systems' technology and expertise, IBM will have an industry-leading range of capabilities to help clients respond to cyber breaches, across consulting, services, and products," says IBM Security General Manager Marc van Zadelhoff.

The deal is anticipated to officially close during the latter part of 2016 after necessary regulatory reviews have been completed.

About Resilient Systems

Resilient Systems is a security incident response solutions company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company aims to aid organizations facing cyberattack issues and business crises.

Among its most popular and awarded programs is the Incident Response Platform (IRP), which capacitates security groups to investigate, respond and diminish incidents more rapidly and efficiently.

The IRP incorporates various security technologies into one powerful system and gives easy workflow customization and process computerization.

Resilient Systems has over 100 clients all around the world, including 30 companies and partners in the Fortune 500.

"We are excited to be joining IBM Security, the industry's fastest-growing enterprise security company," says Resilient System's CEO and founder John Bruce.

Boosting Cybersecurity

Zadelhoff explains that cybersecurity must work just like an immune system such that it prevents unwanted incidents and quickly works to eliminate those that pop out.

With the IRP, this aim may likely be within reach. This is because the platform allows customer to respond to breaches more rapidly and with better precision and coordination. This then results in the implementation of harmonious responses among different departments within a company.

IBM On Top

IBM looks like it is bound for greater things ahead. Aside from the Resilient Systems acquisition announcement, IBM also launched its new X-Force Incident Response Services, which entail security and consultation services to aid customers in responding to breaches holistically.

Truly, IBM is on the top of its game, and with the acquisition of Resilient Systems, the company may safely expect better days ahead.

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