With young people heading off to college over the next few weeks, and technology playing an even larger role in the university experience, there are a number of apps that all college kids should be looking at as must-haves.

Since there are more than 1 million apps available, meandering through app stores can be tedious and frustrating, especially if the user is unsure where to exactly look. This is where Tech Times comes in.

Finding the perfect app for specific needs can be a daunting task, but there are ways to seek out and understand each app as you view its description.

Look for an easy-to-use interface that looks good, has clear labels, is organized and fills your needs -- for directions, good places to eat that are open late, quick walking routes, how long the rainstorm will last, whatever.

"Much like any other crowd, there are certain ones that stand out," writes one analyst. "They challenge the norm. People who think outside the box created them."

For obvious reasons, Google Translate for iOS and Android can be of assistance in translating language into over 80 different languages. The app, which allows users to speak or type their translation needs, covers languages from most of the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Semester abroad, anyone?

Two other apps that should be downloaded and will certainly come in handy are a PDF Scanner app, whereby users can edit and work on PDF files, and a fitness app.

When given pages upon pages of material to read, often in PDF version, students will need access to getting into the files, making notes and printing off the papers ahead of class time. Both Android and iOS have their own versions of PDF-editing apps, so be sure to have one ready to use.

Another vital app that should be looked into is a fitness app. While this may sound odd, keeping stress levels at a minimum, especially during the first semester in school, is key to having a successful college experience. Knowing one's fitness goals and exercise routine can go a long way in developing the body along with the mind. Blow off some stress before exams and get re-energized for study sessions -- count how many calories you burned and your heart rate, not your freshman 15.

Both Google and Apple have been battling it out over the future of the fitness app, Tech Times reports. Google launched its Google Fit in late June, following Apple's lead, and most analysts believe the competition will help develop more innovative fitness apps going forward.

Don't forget the other essentials: sleep alarm apps; calendar apps to record project due dates, exams and papers; and voice apps such as Skype and other encryption apps that give better voice-calling abilities. Each students' needs will be different, but getting some apps ready for the semester is key to success.

And consider buying a flashlight or a keychain flashlight fob -- using that flashlight app on your iPhone is good for a quick look around or to see well enough settle up that restaurant tab, but running it for too long could dain your battery.

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