With Apple heading into the smart fitness sector with a number of new devices and connectivity that aims to push the company into the forefront of the health industry, it appears Google doesn't want to be left behind.

Google is reportedly preparing to launch its own fitness and health platform later this month that is being dubbed Google Fit.

According to reports, the new platform will allow users to be able to track their fitness levels through the new fitness devices to be launched and an app that will give more tracking abilities for each individuals' goals.

The search company is expected to deliver the news at the Google I/O developers conference that is to be held in San Francisco June 25-26. A Forbes news report quoted a number of unnamed sources that delivered information on the launch, which is expected to have a number of partnerships with third-party companies with devices that would give users the latest wearable technology that is connected with Google's cloud-based services so they can follow daily efforts.

Google first entered the health sector in 2007, when it launched Google Health, a platform that helped make all health records digital. However, this new effort would go beyond simple digitization and deliver to users the ability to track, set goals and reach fitness levels desired.

"Google Health never took off because consumers actually don't want to aggregate their data," says Derek Newell, CEO of digital health care platform Jiff, in the Forbes report on Google Fit. "They haven't wanted to. What they want is information. They want meaning, rewards and a feedback loop."

With Apple heading into the health sector in earnest, after making a number of announcements at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held recently in San Francisco, Google is likely feeling the pinch as other tech companies are heading into sectors that Google has only recently begun looking at with force.

Many observers believe that the health industry is a huge market for tech companies. With Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung all looking to get into the mix ahead of the competition, the rest of the year should see a major boost for smart health. Users also seem ready to get on the bandwagon and analysts are looking toward the launch of a number of smart watches later this summer and fall to gauge how successful smart health can be on the ground.

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