The DJI's Phantom 4, the latest drone in the series, is the "smartest flying camera ever" that can track humans and avoid obstacles, but it carries a steep price tag.

Fitted with sophisticated features, the new Phantom 4 drone is among the most advanced consumer drones on the market. Here are the new functionalities to expect from this smart drone:

1. Fly With Tap

DJI is making it easier for users to fly the Phantom Drone 4 through the iOS or Android apps. All they have to do is to double tap the screen to fly.

The drone's Obstacle Sensing System keeps the drone safe while flying. The system makes use of two forward-facing optical sensors to make sure that the drone will not hit trees, walls and rooftops while maintaining its flight direction. When the drone senses a possible obstacle, this will fly around the particular object to avoid collision. It also has a Smart Return Home, enabling the drone to safely return to users.

2. Visual Tracking

The ActiveTrack feature allows users to track their subject automatically. Pilots will simply tap their subject in the camera's frame. The Phantom 4 will then pick up on the object and keep it in the center of the image even when it changes direction. Pilots, though, can still control the movement of the camera.

3. Sport Mode

The new flying camera comes with the new Sport mode, which provides responsive controls. Its reliable flight control system also makes flying safer at high speeds. Moreover, the drone sports a 4K video shooter for higher-quality footage.

4. Extended Flight Time

The Phantom 4 promises 28 minutes of flight time and a top speed of 20 meters per second or 45 miles per hour.

"Advanced propulsion systems, highly integrated and more streamlined design combined with a larger capacity battery gives the new Phantom 25 percent more effective flying time," says DJI.

Price And Shipping Date

The new Phantom costs $1,399, as opposed to $999 price tag of the Phantom 3 Professional.

Those who have ordered the drone via the DJI and Apple websites should expect their drones to be delivered starting March 15. Other channels, however, will ship the drone beginning April 1.

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