Bruce Wayne wants justice for the double homicide of his parents and we can all give it to him one way or another. Warner Brothers and DC Comics partnered with Amazon to give owners of the Amazon Echo a chance to solve the case with the help of Alexa.

It is all audio work so players will have to listen carefully as Alexa, Amazon Echo's voice service assistant, guides them through the case file and different locations to gather evidence and interview people who may possibly know something about the Wayne double homicide.

"Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service, to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more-instantly. All you have to do is ask," Amazon explains.

So how does one go from asking Alexa to do menial tasks to helping you solve the baffling case that is the Thomas and Martha Wayne double homicide? All you have to do is to enable the skill titled "The Wayne Investigation" in the Alexa application then say the magic words: "Alexa, launch the Wayne Investigation."

Now you are a Gotham Police Department detective assigned to the case.

What players get is a choose-your-own-adventure type of audio game wherein Alexa will practically serve as the player's eyes and ears. Alexa will provide the choices that the players can make, such as choosing between where to go to gather evidence. There are around 37 choices that a player can make throughout the audio game and, by the end of it, the players can ask Alexa to provide them showtimes for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

If you're wondering why, it's because the game is actually a promotion for the DC film coming out on March 25- and a pretty neat one at that.

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