Valve decided to redesign its lineup of Steam bundles that will now allow gamers to get discounts when they already own some of the titles.

With the new pricing scheme, users who are purchasing a bundle can be assured that they will gain fresh access to titles that are not yet included in their collection.

While Valve's announcement has yet to be made public, details of the report were first secured by PCGames N, which also released some screenshots to show the different bundle price points coming from three separate user accounts.

According to Valve, customers who already have some of the titles found in the bundle will be allowed to pay only for and receive those items that they don't have in their account yet. The company believes that through the new pricing scheme, fans will have the chance to "complete" their collection while also taking advantage of the deal by purchasing the remaining titles in the bundle.

Currently, players can now get items with slashed-off prices from the Headup Games Complete Bundle. In order to know if one is actually getting a discount, the page shows a big green bundle discount figure that changes depending on whether the user already has some of the titles in the bundle. If the user doesn't have any of the games in the bundle yet, the available discount will then be displayed as 75 percent.

In the screenshots taken by PCGames N, the green bundle discount figure was shown as having a much lower final price for the account that already has one of the titles in the bundle. The figure even decreased further, at least £6 cheaper (around $8.46) when the account already has a number of purchased titles.

The classic "Must Purchase Together" bundles shall remain along with appropriate labeling. Other items can be added to the bundle as bonuses and as exclusive add-ons. These include soundtracks, art books and anything that the gamer may want from a deluxe edition.

The new bundle pricing may indeed make it easier for PC gamers to purchase the titles that they want without having to worry about getting a second copy of an existing title. Developers and publishers may somehow see it as a way to cut revenues. Hopefully, the loss can be offset at least in part by the increase in the purchase of bundles.

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