Amazon's Echo is gaining popularity to the point that the company is introducing additional members of the family.

On Thursday, Amazon announced two new Alexa-enabled devices with the Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.

Like the original Echo, the Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition technology as the Echo itself. The new Echo Dot will allow users to connect the device to speakers via an audio cable or sync with Bluetooth, empowering owners to bark out voice commands for their home stereo system.

So, commands like "Alexa, play Lady Gaga," can now be experienced with extra convenience. Adding to the Echo Dot's functionality is its built-in speaker can see the unit being placed in users' bedrooms, acting as an alarm clock. The Echo Dot will be available for $89.99 for Amazon Prime members through Alexa Voice Shopping with the simple command "Alexa, order an Echo Dot."

The Amazon Tap offers full-range sound on its portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker. It gets its name because, with a tap of the microphone button and request for music, users can hear the news, demand information or even order a pizza with the Alexa Voice Service. The Tap unit is bolstered by dual stereo speakers, touting Dolby processing and crisp sound with an extended bass response and 360-degree omni-directional audio. The Tap is available for preorder beginning today for $129.99.

"Our original vision [with Amazon Echo] was to build a computer in the cloud that's controlled by your voice," Amazon senior vice president of devices David Limp told Venture Beat. "We believe the next big platform is voice." 

He added that "this is the bar that people expect in the home" and that "if we're truly going to believe our vision and that Alexa will be a platform, it has to be open."

The family of Alexa-enabled Echo devices expands.

We found the Echo Dot in particular to interesting, considering it gives people the power of having an Alexa-enabled device for less than $100 in a cool hockey puck-like design.

Will you be preordering either of these new devices?

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