If you're a fan of Sherlock, the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game, or just generally of handsome, long-faced British men with piercing blue eyes, there's a big chance that you're not-so-secretly in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. And now you can have you're own Cumberbabe to cherish ... until he melts, that is.

Introducing the Chocolate Cumberbunny: an Easter Bunny-Benedict Cumberbatch hybrid that somehow ... works.

Made by Chocolatian, a UK-based chocolatier, the Chocolate Cumberbunny is described as "a delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom" by the company website.

On top of the chocolate varieties the Cumberbunny comes in - milk, white, and dark, naturally - the £50 to £70 ($70.83 to $99.20 USD) edible statuette is finished with gold luster dust for that celebrity/star sheen. In addition to its gilt-like polish, the white choco bunny comes with a 22-carat bowtie fit for consumption. Here's the general description, which is worth a read:

"400g of everyone's favourite detective. This chocolate bunny glazed with lustre dust is not just for easter but would make a fantastic Easter gift for all the family. The limited edition white chocolate ones come with a edible 22 carat gold bow-tie, super special Cumberbunny for oscar night! [...]He will spring from his white warren box with a beautiful orange ribbon and easter bunny tag, sealed in a cellophane bag for freshness."

But being based on Cumberbatch, whose family has been a noticed presence in British high society for generations, the Cumberbunny comes with a few ground rules for care - namely, he should not be stored in a refrigerator, but he must also be "[kept] out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures." As Chocolatician's directions say, "he's a sensitive little bunny."

For those who want to shell out the cash to buy their own Cumberbunny, beware - he only has a shelf life of six months, so yes, you'll eventually have to eat him.  

And for those who want to pair a Martin Freeman Easter rabbit with a Cumberbunny, just like on Sherlock? While they're isn't a Freebunny necessarily on the horizon, Chocolatician promises "other celebrity bunnies coming soon" - and if you want to make a chocolatized (chocobunized?) version of yourself to keep Cumberbunny company, Chocolatician can do that for you, too.  

Source: Twitter | Chocolatician

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