People love Benedict Cumberbatch. People love chocolate. What happens when you put the two together? Complete and utter chaos.

You may have heard about UKTV's recent publicity stunt in which the U.K.-based media company created a life-sized sculpture of Cumberbatch made entirely out of cocoa in honor of the actor being voted the dishiest TV drama actor on UKTV, just in time for Easter. Well, UKTV recently unleashed "Chocobatch" on unsuspecting visitors to a shopping center and, naturally, filmed the whole thing for our viewing pleasure.

You would think since these passersby are out in public, they wouldn't do anything too crazy with this statue. And if you thought that way, you would be so, so wrong.

It only took a little more than half an hour for people to take notice of "Chocobatch" standing all by its lonesome in this shopping center. And when they did, they licked it and kissed it, which is pretty much what you would expect them to do with a chocolate statue of Cumberbatch or the real guy, for that matter.

The risk of catching some disease aside, what's more disturbing is that some people felt the need to pull off the fingers and nose of the statue. It's hard to tell if they just wanted a snack or were hoping to inflict some pain on "Chocobatch" for putting them through The Fifth Estate. Chocolate statues could have feelings too, you know.

Check out the whole video below, and witness the horror for yourself.

[H/T The Daily Dot]

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